16 Galleries in Old Town
located on one square block
at the Edge of Old Town.


Created by combining two historic buildings that span three city streets,
The Everett Station Lofts & Galleries have been an eclectic arts destination
for Portlanders and visitors since 1989. Positioned door-to-door on
the street levels of NW Broadway, Everett St., and NW Sixth Avenue,
they provide a collage of delightful art experiences.



Architecture by TAKT.
Photography by WilliamWGood.com


The ESL Gallery Association is a collection of 16 artist-owned, studio/galleries. With over
25 artists and curators they offer remarkably diverse works of art, ranging from painting,
photography, 3D modeling and zines. Not your typical white cube gallery.  Do not be surprised if you encounter the artist at work. The mix of established and emerging artists' work, blended with friendly conversation, maybe someone playing music--provides a true arts adventure.
You could discover your new favorite artist or that special piece you've been waiting for!

Located in Old Town/China Town

 Photography by  WilliamWGood.com

Photography by WilliamWGood.com