Kristina Koenig and Vilèm Stosek

"To art is to complain with gusto and bravado."

Vilèm & Kristina work as an artist duo spending their time bringing their most ridiculous ideas to life. 

Kristina uses a mixture of wry humor and a sense of wonder in the ordinary to test the boundaries of realism and abstraction; of the foreign and the familiar. Utilizing thick layerings of paint and bold brush strokes, she constructs the happy accidents of bright contrasting colors that provide the signature look of her work. In the era of the split second attention span, Kristina creates dialogue through distortion giving viewers the freedom to search for meaning and make the image their own.

Vilèm's passion for photography and it's offshoots started as an avenue of self-expression and communication. Born in Moravia, Czechoslovakia, Vilèm came to the United States at the age of eighteen, unable to speak the language, but eager to communicate. As the Greek word, "photograph" suggests, ("photo", defined as "light" and "graphic" meaning "to draw,") Vilèm starts with an original image, and transfers the photograph, using the distortions and imperfections to compliment embellishments of fine line work and blocks of color. By juxtaposing unlikely elements and images, Vilèm tells a story through montages both mesmerizing and inspiring.

All work is supervised and approved by Fotoeffect's live-in resident monster - Matcho-Kemper-CatCat.


Fotoeffect Studio & Gallery, 625 NW Everett St., #107