Markova Family

Enduring Slavic spirits wander through the fantastical landscapes that adorn our walls. Though the paintings are inspired by the rich forests of Oregon, they are oft populated by the mythical beings of our childhood— spirits native to the Russian North.

While there are many impressionistic influences, the paintings of Elena Markova in particular evoke feelings of tranquility with their soft colors and whimsical imagery. Her paintings are rife with symbolism and tributes to the beauty of the natural world.

Elena’s son, Trifon, paints minstrels in a medieval style on gold leaf, but also explores the rich mythology of his homeland with his other work. His paintings are as likely to display the cunning Baba Yaga, peeking from a window in her chicken-legged hut as a gleeful minstrel strumming at a mandolin. Vasiliy Markov prefers more delicate work, crafting brightly colored enamel jewelry, abstract images on earrings and necklaces.

MarkovCo is a small, family owned gallery, containing many original paintings and prints by the sisters Elena and Ludmila Markova, as well as paintings by Trifon Markov and jewelry crafted by Vasiliy Markov, Elena’s son. Our gallery is often filled with laugher and live music, and we are always welcoming of lively company.